Intuitive Homeopathy for Horses and other animals

“Susan Guran is a gifted intuitive healer for animals.  When my cat Buster was in pain and crying all the time in a crouched position, I called Susan to help with her homeopathy.  She began a dialogue with Buster and I found out he was lonely and wanted me to communicate with him more.  I was really scared about losing my longtime companion and I asked Susan to please help. She was so kind and compassionate and had a lovely way of finding out from Buster all she could about his condition.  He seemed to open up and respond to her quickly.  She found the perfect remedy she said Buster gave to her.  After just a few minutes of receiving the remedy, Buster changed. It was sort of a miracle; he became very calm and stopped crying.  He relaxed and stopped crouching and within just a short while was purring and acting like his old self.  He has been good ever since and I will always be so very grateful to Susan and the work she does.  She is an amazing healer!” - Jodi
“Last month my dog, Jack, was having difficulty breathing and developed a disturbing chronic cough.  I called Susan and she was very sensitive to his needs and mine.  She intuitively communicated with Jack to find out what was going on.  She told me that he would be very relaxed for the next 24 hours (which he was) and since he made it clear to her where the problem was, she was able to intuitively heal him.  It's been several months since their sessiona and Jack no longer has a cough and is generally more peaceful and relaxed.  Susan is an amazing healer and was a great benefit to my very sweet, much loved dog, Jack.” - Liza
Shared with permission . . .

"Hey Susie, I am back home after a few days away. I wanted to let you know Leilani is doing great. She does not have the lost expression, hard look/eyes anymore. Instead she looks eager, interested, comfortable, and she does seem more assertive, but not bitchy. She is asking for scratches, she seems so much calmer and not agitated, even with the strong wind we’ve been having . . . I am so grateful! It’s hard to believe. I hesitated letting you know because I wanted to wait longer. But it’s so obvious."  (Vittoria)

 "I am so grateful for you! Denali looks amazing. She actually ran up a hill this morning which was unbelievable. She’s still slow and very careful but her shift has been nothing short of extraordinary! She’s also so engaged and present.  I know I’m gonna want you to talk to all my animals at some point!"  (Vittoria)

"Hi Susie, Just a note with good news about Banjo. He is doing really well. His walking has really improved and he is really energetic and moving around so much more. He is the best that he has been in about 18 months. I am just so happy to see him doing so well and so much more comfortable. Thank you!!!!!" (Denise)

"Hi Susie, Boogey’s session with you has definitely had a big impact on all levels. He feels lighter, happier, more stable in the hind, and overall more comfortable in his body. He still has some roaching in his back yet he has been bouncing around like a puppy. Our family is very grateful! 💜"  (Erica)

"Would you mind helping Oz again?  Whatever you did helped tremendously!!!  He is running, chasing his ball and hiking.  I have changed his diet to more that of a natural one.  Pumpkin and wet food with some kibble.  His tummy is constantly rumbling and I am not sure if this is his intestines or just his hunger due to new food.  Thank you!!!"  (Sarah)

After more healing work . . .
"You are so amazing.  He did not feel well at all yesterday.  Very lethargic and did not want to eat.  He woke up this morning and ran around the yard and ate breakfast.  We are planning on doing a nice hike with some of  his friends later this afternoon.  I did notice that his belly was not making some very bad sounds this morning."  (Sarah)

(This dog had eaten a bone that "shattered" in his intestines. Ultimately the damage was irreparable.)